Consult Your Way to Your Most Confident Self

Like a bold haircut, liquid foundation, or your favorite activewear brand, the aesthetic procedures you choose are deeply personal. You might see something you like on a friend (or scrolling your Instagram feed), but what you invest in should be completely tailored to you — especially when it comes to your face.

Despite the extensive information about everything from BroadBand Light to Dysport available at your fingertips, knowing what products and procedures might work best for you isn’t necessarily intuitive. That’s why Vitalyc prefers hosting a complimentary consultation before beginning most new skincare treatments.

“Many people have an idea of what they might want when they come visit, but when we really look at their skin and make our recommendations, they can end up an entirely different path,” says Jessica Bennett, Vitalyc’s lead patient care coordinator. That means going beyond a cursory glance.

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Tech You Can Trust

The Vitalyc consult room, though small and intimate, is packed with powerful technology. There’s Visia, where a few quick snaps of your complexion reveal exactly what’s happening on the surface, from sun damage and pore size to your skin’s true age. The machine utilizes RBX® Technology from Canfield Scientific to produce high resolution images in seconds, along with recommendations about which Vitalyc treatments can help get your skin on its absolute best track. The med spa keeps everything on file for clients, so you can track your progress as you come in for treatments.

Another important tool at Vitalyc’s disposal is InBody. The sleek device works like an extremely high-tech scale, but one that provides much more than a number. In less than two minutes, the machine produces a detailed analysis of your weight (broken down in terms of fat, muscle, and water) to help clients set efficient, achievable goals. Like the Visia, Vitalyc recommends returning to the machine (every six to eight weeks in InBody’s case) to track your progress with muscle toning treatments like EmSculpt.

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Invest In Yourself This Summer

Having a team and technology you can trust is key when beginning new treatments, and while you might assume summer means medspa treatments are put on pause, the warm weather season is the time when certain Vitalyc services shine most. These are some of the most popular medspa treatments to help you feel your most confident this summer.

Muscle Toning

Truly, every body is a bikini body, but it’s ok to both fully embrace that ethos and still want to firm up a stubborn area. FDA-approved, non-invasive services like CoolSculpt and EmSculpt are fast, painless procedures with zero down time. (The former freezes fat cells so your body can easily remove them through the lymphatic system, while the latter uses electromagnetic pulses to both burn fat and strengthen muscle fibers.) Set aside 30 to 45 minutes, bring a good book, and enjoy a sculpting session you won’t find anywhere near a gym.


Injectable treatments are one of the quickest aesthetic ways to boost your self-confidence. And with a season of weddings and gatherings ahead, a touch of anti-wrinkle injections (Vitalyc offers neuromodulators like Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport) or youthful filler (Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, and more) can help you put your best face forward. With so many brands and choices, Vitalyc’s complimentary consult can help you find the perfect injectable option for you.

Facial Treatments

While most dermatologists suggest lightening up your daily skincare routine in the summer months, you can still indulge on the occasional treatment and peel to keep your complexion as radiant as possible. Consider an ultra hydrating HydraFacial or a Halo laser treatment to help counteract any sun damage.

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Effortless Hydration

It’s always challenging to drink as much water as our body (and skin) needs, but particularly in the sweltering summer months. Let Vitalyc’s IV therapy treatment get you back on track quickly. Add a boost of game-changing NAD+ (the naturally-occurring B-vitamin derivative of Niacin is an anti-aging powerhouse) to help you immediately feel and look your best.

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