6 HydraFacial Benefits: The Secret to the Perfect Summer Complexion

There’s no denying that HydraFacial procedure treatments have become a regular part of many summer beauty regimens. Even the most glowing and perfectly tanned skin can reap the HydraFacial benefits with no downtime. In fact, HydraFacial treatments are quickly replacing traditional facials.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for converting to HydraFacial is the fact that results are instantaneous from this noninvasive treatment. All skin types are able to take advantage of HydraFacial treatment to achieve healthier, glowing skin.

HydraFacials are composed of several steps involving salicylic acid and hydrating serums to clean and nourish the skin, leaving it glowing after just the first treatment. But how does HydraFacial achieve such impressive results every time?

Hydrafacial Benefits: Understanding The Treatment

A HydraFacial is a modern evolution of traditional facial treatments and utilizes technology new in the world of skin treatments. Using the same principles you’ll find in most skincare routines, HydraFacial systems exfoliate and cleanse the face while the water-assisted device removes dead skin cells and imbues the skin with rich hydration. 

You can think of a HydraFacial as four treatments completed within one session — the skin receives proper cleaning, a topical peel, vacuum suction extraction and finally a hydrating serum to instantly repair and relax the skin after treatment. What makes the process even more accessible is its consistency across every skin type, an area other treatments struggle to deliver in.

Every step from the initial exfoliation to the gentle chemical peel is designed to prepare and remove dead skin cells, leaving a vibrant layer of fresh skin in its place ready for a day at the beach. Patients report a reduction in the size and appearance of their pores, wrinkles and acne scars, in addition to healthier skin.

Benefits to Vitalyc Medspa HydraFacial Treatments

Unlike other facials and skin resurfacing procedures, a HydraFacial instantly clears clogged pores and improves uneven skin texture with no downtime. The patented technology used during a HydraFacial generates immediate results after just one treatment that patients can maintain for up to a month when proper aftercare is followed.

In order to get the most out of each HydraFacial, make sure to apply a protective layer of high-SPF sunscreen before heading outside, and continue cleansing and moisturizing serums between treatments. Depending on skin goals, patients typically schedule their next HydraFacial for a month out to maintain the effects and benefits of a HydraFacial on a consistent basis.

Benefits of a HydraFacial include:

1. Versatile Treatments

By working directly with your Vitalyc aesthetician, you’ll create a tailored HydraFacial routine that helps eliminate targeted areas of uneven skin tone and skin impurities. Consider any enlarged pores and dead cells on the skin’s surface gone after a HydraFacial, leaving behind increased collagen production on the outer layer of your skin.

Pregnant women and those with any skin condition or shellfish allergy should let their team know prior to beginning treatments. These factors can leave skin more sensitive, requiring a different approach by your HydraFacial technician that will vary depending on the skin issues.

2. It Takes Less Than an Hour

Hydrafacial treatment on young lady's face.Achieving the best skin possible, free of fine lines and age spots, takes time, but patients can have the same effect instantly with a HydraFacial. You can expect treatment to be done within 30 to 60 minutes, compared to spending hours under the light receiving manual extractions that leave the skin red.

Maintaining consistent results while also increasing the speed of the treatment is possible thanks to the cutting-edge systems used during a HydraFacial. What this means for you is a radiant skin tone with anti-aging agents mixed in, all in less than an hour to get you back in the sun as soon as possible this summer.

3. Visible Skin Refinement

The nonirritating mix of nourishing serums and cleansing chemical peels not only reduces breakouts but helps prevent acne across the face. Stubborn acne spots can be focused on to help avoid scarring of the skin. Pigmented areas are quickly diminished thanks to the active ingredients chosen for the facial.

Fine lines and wrinkles also fall on the list of issues tackled by a HydraFacial, along with enlarged pores and patches of hyperpigmentation or brown spots. All of this from a non-invasive facial treatment that requires no prescription creams or recovery time.

4. Zero Downtime

It’s true — a HydraFacial only requires you to commit the time needed to complete the treatment before you’re able to walk out the door and get back to your daily life with glowing skin and an improved complexion. HydraFacial technology has made it possible to achieve all this in around 30 minutes, neatly fitting into even the busiest schedules.

With other facials, patients often have to stick to a strict skincare routine while avoiding UV rays and strong winds. Otherwise, they risk damaging their extremely sensitive and vulnerable skin. HydraFacial removes this aftercare requirement as you can immediately put on your normal face makeup after treatment if that’s your thing. Many patients prefer to simply let their skin enjoy the pampering without makeup thanks to the natural glow left behind.

5. Great for Most Skin Types

Traditionally those with acne-prone or sensitive skin had to enlist the help of their doctor or a specialist to ensure the facial treatments they wanted to explore wouldn’t cause any issues. Today, HydraFacial treatment is the go-to option thanks to its compatibility with most skin types.

An exception to the rule is those experiencing an active rash on their face, such as those that come from rosacea flares. Active rashes make it difficult to achieve the same benefits of a HydraFacial, so always check with your Vitalyc aesthetician prior to your visit.

6. Perfectly Personal

HydraFacial skin treatments are some of the most customizable facials available. For example, you can talk with your skincare team about reducing fine lines around your eyes or mouth, or focus on exfoliating and hydrating your lips. Unique skin concerns can be addressed by a HydraFacial, making it a truly universal treatment.

With offices in Dallas, Addison and Southlake, Vitalyc HydraFacial is always nearby. Reach out to our team to get your skin summer ready today!